Men on the Edge

Gary Hoffman

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Top Reasons Why Men Stumble and Fall
Keys to Dealing with a Crisis
Learning To Lead With Confidence
Finding Godly Wisdom & Freedom
Benefits of God's Umbrella
What Is Sin All About?
So... What Does God Want You To Get?
Do You Really Want Gods Favor?
How Do You Change For Good?
Keys To Making Healthy Wise Decisions
Do You Really Hear God?
Seize Your Day!
Loving Her... Even When She's Unloving
Why Don't I Grow... ?
You're As Close to God as You Choose
What I've Learned
Leadership Secrets to Success
Traits for Listening to God & Others
What Does God Want You to Learn?
What's a Spirtual Leader
The Powerful Secrets of a Daily Quiet Time
Sexual Purity Covenant
The Nail
The Power of a Positive Attitude
Are You Codependent?
The Five Love Languages (By Gary Chapman)
The Verbal Abusive Relationship (By Patricia Evans)
Do You Really Have a Desire to Learn?
Eagles in a storm

Let Go and Let God (NEW Series)
Learning to Let Go of Control in Your Problems (part #1)
Releasing the Bitterness and Resentfulness in Your Problems (part #2)
Finding Peace and Understanding in Your Problems (part#3)
Giving God Your Problems (part#4)
Weathering the Storms of Life New
Get Wisdom and Understanding at Any Cost New
How to Say it Changes Everything-Part 1 New (by Gary Dahl)
So How Can We Do it Better-Part 2 New (by Gary Dahl)
Soften Her Heart by Softening Your Laungauge-Part 3 New
Uncommon Phrases For Better Communications-Part 4New (by Gary Dahl)
Unlocking Your Communication-Teen Tool (by Scott Meacham)
Grabbing Rattlesnakes (Inspired by Ben Franklin)
Power and Wisdom in God’s Words
Has Someone Hit a Nerve
The Biblical View of Divorce
In Christ (By Jim Meyers)
Learning to Not Give Up! (By Myra Biernat)
Are You Attracted to Unhealthy People?
100 Ways to Tell Her You Love Her (By Gary Smalley)
Our Loss - What's It About
Cleansing For Personal Renewal (By Pastor Rick Warren)
Just an Ordinary Man
Reconciliation Plan for Success
Top Questions a Married Man Should Ask (By Gary Dahl)
Wisdom and Insights for the Married Man (By Gary Dahl)

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